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LV-A tutors are tutoring students via Zoom. Tutoring with Zoom Training is offered to current and new tutors. Please call 753-6658 or email the office to arrange tutoring with Zoom training.


Tutoring with Zoom Training Materials



Tutoring with Zoom Training


The training is fairly short – no more than 90 minutes for beginners and 60 minutes for intermediate/ advanced – and is broken down into segments that you will be able to access (PDFs listed above), so you can refer back to specific sections as often as needed.

After the workshop, practice will be critical to gain the confidence level you’ll want to use the platform with your student. Practicing with friends and/or family members can be very entertaining, and we highly recommend it. If you don’t have someone to practice with, we can match you with a Zoom Buddy who can help you practice, answer your technical questions, and provide advice about using the platform with your student.

Sessions on using Zoom as a tutor are available.
To give you an overview of the content, see the PDFs above.

If you have never used Zoom or set-up a Zoom account, you may want to attend a Beginner’s session:

  • Beginner’s Sessions:
    Available by appointment.


  • Intermediate/Advanced:
    Available by appointment.


Sessions will be scheduled as needed.


To register for a session, please email us at If you have questions you can either email or call us at 753-6658. Leave us a message as to when would be a good time to call you back and we will get back to you.






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