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LV-A offers English Language Learners:


  • English Conversation Partners
  • One-on-one Tutoring for English Language Learners
  • Workplace Literacy



English Conversation Partners


OUR MISSION: The English Conversation Partners Program provides one-on-one meetings between English Language Learners and partners in order to improve their conversational English skills and to encourage a “cultural exchange."


An English Language Learner meets regularly with a Conversation Partner and talks informally in English. LV-A matches learners with volunteers. The partners contact each other to arrange a time to meet in a public meeting space.


English Conversation Partners Training

Our next training will be held soon..

Pre-registration is required.

Call LV-A at 753-6658 or

email: literacy@literacyvolunteersandro.org.


For an application and information on being an English Conversation Partner, please download one of the following:


Literacy Tutoring for English Language Learners


Much like LV-A's basic literacy tutoring, this program provides one-on-one tutors to people learning to read and write in English or seeking to improve their English skills. To request a tutor, call Literacy Volunteers-Androscoggin at 753-6658 to set up an intake interview.

To become a tutor, CLICK HERE.


Workplace Literacy for English Language Learners


Classes at intermediate and high intermediate levels are offered. Workplace Literacy Curriculum and Lesson Plans, created and made possible through a grant from the Maine Department of Education Office of Adult Education and Family Literacy, are available to tutors working English Language Learners. For more information, call Literacy Volunteers-Androscoggin at 753-6658.



The Gift of Literacy

Literacy Volunteers-Androscoggin has made a life-changing difference to many adults and families in our area. Please consider giving the gift that will keep on giving for generations to come.

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